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MAESTRO GALLERY is an initiative of Sharon and Aslan Kilinger, the owners of Maestro Design and Advertising. Founded by a passion for art and photography, an old dream became reality, when Maestro gallery opened it's doors to the public, the 23rd of April 2010.

The gallery turned out to be a great addition to the design studio on the same location. The gallery is located in the popular Helmersbuurt, on the Tweede Helmersstraat 17-19, just around the corner of the Leidseplein.

The gallery shows artwork characterized by the use of photography, often combined with graphic art (mixed media), with other words: photographic art.

We create our own art projects for the gallery, and we make artwork in assignment. We have some additional work of great guest artists.

Maestro Gallery

A place where you can enjoy and order ART online, come for a coffee in the Gallery at the Tweede Helmersstraat 17-19 to see & feel the ART for real.

But on top of that, you can stay with our ART in one of our fantastic Artfulstay Apartments, where our true passions: design, art and hospitality come together.

Maestro Gallery

Please call Sharon Kilinger on

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Maestro Gallery

Tweede Helmersstraat 17-19
1054 CB Amsterdam