Now you can stay with the art and experience Amsterdam in the absolute best way; perfect central location, lots of light, spacious, ground floor, modern design, luxury, comfort and of course.. lots of art. 'The artful stay apartment in Amsterdam' is a new concept, which is a crossing between a gallery and a short stay apartment.

A piece of art in a home setting, gives a complete different and more realistic feel than in a gallery setting. Moreover one just doesn't buy art in 5 minutes. To 'live' with the art for a little while, gives a better feeling if you like the piece during the day, in the night and even the next morning… The apartment fits 4-6 people. WWW.ARTFULSTAY.COM

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Maestro Gallery

Please call Sharon Kilinger on

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Maestro Gallery

Tweede Helmersstraat 17-19
1054 CB Amsterdam