MAESTRO GALLERY Founded by a passion for art and photography, an old dream became reality, when Maestro gallery opened it’s doors to the public, the 23rd of April 2010. The gallery turned out to be a great addition to the ArtfulStay on the same location. The gallery is located in the popular Helmersbuurt, on the Tweede Helmersstraat 17-19, just around the corner of the Leidseplein. The gallery shows artwork characterized by the use of photography, often combined with graphic art (mixed media), with other words: photographic art.

STAY WITH OUR ART ARTFULSTAY is a new concept where many of our passions come together: mix hospitality with interior design and art and you have an ‘artful stay’! A great way to show the art and use the fantastic space well. People from all around the world are more than welcome to stay with us. And if you like our art, we can ship one of the existing to your home, we can order a new one or make a personal, tailor-made piece of art. In any size you like. Very new is the ‘art to go’, pieces of art (50×33) that fit in the suitcase.